Welcome Letter
Hey, Friends,

We're really glad you're here. And even if we haven't met yet, we can promise you: we've got a lot in common.

Maybe you think things are going pretty well, but you're looking for some purpose and meaning in your life. Believe us, a lot of people feel that way -- they sense something is missing and they just don't know where to find it. Well, it starts in the person of Jesus Christ, and it's developed in His Church, and we'll help you find this meaning you've been seeking.

Or maybe you thought things were going well, then BAM. Job loss, broken relationship, personal illness... any of the above and more. Life hits hard sometimes. But please understand, there's Someone who cares for you more than you can imagine -- Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Come meet Him here and learn about His love for you.

Are you lonely and want to meet "nice" people, afraid of how you'll be judged at church, or struggling with some dark secret you don't want anyone to know about? Hey, any of that is cool. Because no matter "where you are" someone else has been there too. And you'll meet some people just like yourself when you visit.

We all started in the same place -- struggling sinners who need a Savior. So let's grow together in faith and fellowship.

Praying for you,

Brian and Bethany Curtis
This is a sample Thrive website created to highlight the Encourage theme. Encourage is not a real organization or church. Any similarities to an actual organization are happenstance.