About Encourage
Encourage Church lives out the call to “build each other” up and does so through scriptural-based programs that help members develop their unique gifts and apply them in service to others. We believe in a mission of individual development that serves the betterment of the community. In other words, when you connect with who God has uniquely called you to be, you will find that the abundant life in Christ becomes real here on earth. And when you share your unique gifts with others, the love of Christ is spread in our community and beyond.

What can you expect when you visit?

Senior Pastors Brian and Bethany Curtis lead worship-filled services each Sunday that start off with our own band singing contemporary Christian songs. The Bible-based pastor’s talk follows and is designed to give you encouragement for your walk with Christ and impact your daily life.

If you’re new to Encourage Church, look for the Welcome Station in the foyer for help finding your way around. Also, please join us for refreshments in the pastoral study after the service. We’d love to get to know you better.
This is a sample Thrive website created to highlight the Encourage theme. Encourage is not a real organization or church. Any similarities to an actual organization are happenstance.